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Please don't enter the salon if you have been feeling unwell or have been in contact with anyone who had symptoms of COVID-19.
Please wait outside for your appointment. A member of staff will come and collect you when we are ready.
Hand sanitiser must be used on entry (We will provide this for you).
Wear a face mask of either your own or one will be provided by us.
Clients are asked to minimize what they bring as we ask for you to keep all belongings with you.
Please come alone to the salon, we are trying to minimize the amount of people in the salon at once.
You will need to cancel and rebook your appointment if you are feeling unwell, have been in contact with someone with COVID-19 symptoms or live with anyone self-isolating.
If you have any concerns and wish to discuss them with us, please feel free to contact the salon and speak to a member of the team.
Thank you for your understanding and we hope to see you soon!

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